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Priyanka Dentology Chorlton

Our hygienist Priyanka has obtained a Diploma in Advanced counselling skills (Level 3), Cognitive behavioural therapy and Mindfulness. She has counselled many patients and helped them through various innovative behavioural and distractive techniques. She provides counselling uniquely to cater for the needs of her patients.

1. Dental phobia counselling 

According to a survey by the British Dental Association, 25% of people suffer from anxiety before visiting the dentist. This means then, that 1/4th of the British population must either try their best to cope with their dental phobia or risk their oral health by not visiting the dentist at all, which could lead to long term serious health problems and result in lengthy and expensive surgery. Fear of visiting the dentist is a completely understandable human emotion and affects many people in varying degrees around the world. Often the best way to overcome this fear is to think about where it originated from and to confront it. Some people suffer because of a previous bad and painful experience at the dentist and are anxious about repeating the experience. Many others may have heard horror stories from friends or colleagues or fear the lack of control that they will have during their treatment and are put off because of this. But it is absolutely vital to remember that you are not alone, dental phobia is extremely common across all kinds of people, male or female, young or old. Counselling helps people from all over the world overcome all sorts of different fears and is proven to be a very effective way of overcoming a phobia.

2. Smoking Cessation Counselling

Smoking cessation is the single most effective step that one can take towards a healthier life.  Benefits from quitting smoking include :
-Improvement in skin health, smell and taste
-Helps in better breathing
-Reduces chances of heart diseases
-Reduces stress levels
-Makes one feel more energetic.
-Sessions involves counselling, hypnotherapy and distraction techniques

3. Counselling for pregnant smokers

-Great health benefits for mother and child
-Psychosocial factors associated with smoking explored and discussed
-Pregnancy is a great window of opportunity for cessation
-Multiple approaches used- including health education, counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy

4. Stress Management

Stress is a normal part of life and in many cases, it can be managed. You don’t have to struggle with it!

-Counselling helps to identify and understand the role that your thoughts play in increasing stress levels.
-A mix of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy is effective. Cognitive therapy focuses on treating issues such as severe stress, anxiety disorders, depression etc and Behavioural therapy focuses on helping change the undesired behaviour such as anger, avoiding the problem, self-isolation etc

 5. Positive mindset Counselling

Sometimes we get so swept up in life that we forget how important a positive mindset is.

-Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life.
-It is a tool to help bring in better health, inner peace and happiness, along with improved relationships.