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In this post, our Invisalign dentist Dr Mariam Belattar shares 5 benefits of straightening your teeth.

  1. Better digestion: If your teeth are straighter and aligned well then you will chew your food more efficiently which will aid the digestion process. It is widely recognised that poor chewing can lead to problems in the gut.
  2. Better oral hygiene: When your teeth are too closed together, too spaced apart or overlapping it causes problems when trying to brush and floss between them. The areas which are poorly accessible to cleaning tools will very quickly gather plaque which results in gum disease. Many of my patients report that are able to clean their teeth better after they straighten their teeth and therefore their teeth feel cleaner. Healthier teeth last longer so for some patients orthodontics can be teeth saving!
  3. Improvement in speech and phonetics: Did you know your teeth positioning can affect how you say certain sounds? Teeth play an important part in the formulation of phonetics thus if your teeth aren’t straight, particularly the front six teeth, it can contribute to lisps and difficulty saying some sounds clearly.
  4. Less chance of breaking front teeth: When front teeth ‘stick out’ or protrude they become more prone to injury upon a fall which could potentially result in permanent damage to these aesthetically vital teeth.
  5. The most common reason for patients coming to see me for orthodontics is self-confidence: A smile is one of the first traits someone notices about you upon meeting you. So many patients feel their lack of confidence in their smile really holds them back personally and professionally. Having a smile you like improves self-confidence and how you come across in day to day situations. I certainly a huge difference in my patient’s confidence once they have completed their smile journey with me.

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